HELP Platform – An Educational Tool for Lawyers



We invite you to visit HELP –  the main educational platform of the Council of Europe (CoE) for legal professionals. Its aim is to educate judges, lawyers and prosecutors about human rights standards in Europe.

Currently, apart from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), HELP covers other instruments like the European Social Charter (ESC) or CoE Conventions in key areas like data protection or labour rights.

Moreover, HELP offers comprehensive courses on Internet Freedom related areas such as data protection and privacy rights, freedom of expression and hate speech and hate crime. Apart from thorough introductory lessons, the courses also elaborate some of the subject-related European Court of Human Right’s landmark decisions.

The HELP e-learning platform is available for free online. A wide range of courses and other training resources can be accessed in English and, increasingly, in the national languages of CoE countries.

For free access to the HELP e-learning platform, please sign up here.

In addition, since the e-learning platform refers to the provisions of the ECHR and the case law of the ECtHR, we also invite you to visit the glossaries developed under the HELP umbrella, currently available in multiple languages. They are intended to guide legal professionals from Council of Europe member states in using the correct terminology when they make Convention-based arguments


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