Privacy and protection of personal data of young people in the digital era- An informative campaign aimed at local youth

This campaign aims to address the insufficient awareness of the teen/adolescent population, and their parents/guardians/teachers on protecting their privacy online, as well as to educate and inform them on digital rights abuse, identification of violations and preventive measures. 

Through six simple posts designed to appeal to their generation’s aesthetic, each containing a single relevant question, we want to encourage young persons to recognize (and report) privacy violations and provide them with clear answers by directing them to the Handbook- VIOLATION OF PRIVACY AND PEER VIOLENCE ONLINE â€“ HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF?

The questions and answers in the Handbook address the most common and important issues mentioned during the interviews that we conducted beforehand. The Handbook also includes a Q&A set designed to motivate students to report any act of privacy violation or gender-based violence. The online campaign posts and the Handbook are available in Macedonian and Albanian and are posted primarily on Instagram,  where this population mostly goes to share content and interact- as well as on Facebook, where the teachers and parents/guardians may be more present.

View the campaign posts on MYLA’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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