How to create an anonymous page on social networks and not light up?

It is needed to be hidden deeper than you think. But an alternative personality in social networks will allow you to discuss anything with anyone.

We have written a checklist that will allow you to separate an anonymous page and your real identity.

  • Pictures.

Do not upload your original photo or avatar associated with your profile anywhere.

Instead, generate an avatar with a face using special services using artificial intelligence (search through “Random Face Generator”). The rest of the photos (from the back, side, etc.) – take from stock services. Uploading a picture of yourself from the back is riskier. Hypothetically, you can be identified by the clothing elements found in the remaining geotags or any surrounding object.

  • Friends and posts.

What to do with a friend list? It is better to add all of them to the official profile. Can you add to your friend list any political extremists or terrorists? It’s better to do that in an anonymous profile (although there is still no criminal article for this). The same applies to posts, reshare, and likes under posts with extremist materials or on extremist pages on social networks.

  • Always use a VPN when logging into your secret account.

The VPN must be enabled before you connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Ideally, you need to use your secret account from a second device.

For example, buying a cheap used phone may be expensive for you. Still, in any case, it is more affordable than a lawyer and arrest for one year or more of imprisonment. How to store it if you’re about persecution?

You need to 

+ choose a secret place in the apartment, 

+ Mute the sound on the phone 

+ And if anyone will knock on your door first, hide the device, then open the door for anyone.

A SIM card is not needed on the device because it allows you to bind the phone to a geographic location using the data of the cell towers by signal triangulation.

It is also important to remember the basic rules. To anonymize your profile, you need:

  • New email.
  • A new phone number
  • All payments should be made from a card not connected to Belarus or other countries that can give out data to the law enforcement.

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