How to get an anonymous email?

Profiles in social networks should be connected with non-Belarusian numbers and original email addresses. Otherwise, law enforcement will be able to find you. For example, on Facebook, it is possible to find a user profile using it: you just need to enter the mail in the search field.

A new email address will help you to avoid the situation where your anonymous profile will be somehow connected to the real one. The email can be registered without a phone number.

Your nickname in the address and all fields of the mail must also be original so that it cannot be associated with a natural person through an Internet search. The same goes for the password: it must be original, which you didn’t use anywhere before. Otherwise, the user can be identified by his specific passwords.

The avatar for such mail must be original, not previously used by you anywhere on the Internet. It should not have your face or anything that can be associated with you as a person.

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