Shaping the Future: The 2024-2030 Data Protection Strategy Takes Center Stage in North Macedonia

The Agency for Personal Data Protection in North Macedonia has embarked on a crucial mission to craft the new Data Protection Strategy spanning 2024 to 2030. This ambitious endeavor aims to set the trajectory for robust data protection practices in the years to come.

Taking the lead in this initiative, the Agency for Personal Data Protection in North Macedonia is spearheading the inaugural round of consultations for the development of the 2024-2030 Data Protection Strategy. This strategy holds substantial importance in fortifying the protection of personal data, a paramount concern in today’s increasingly digitized landscape.

To ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and aligned with international best practices, the Agency has partnered closely with experts from Slovenia and Finland. The support from the European Commission’s TAIEX instrument underscores the global significance of this endeavor.

From October 16th to 20th in 2023, experts from Slovenia, Finland, and the Agency engaged in constructive consultations with representatives from both the public and private sectors, along with non-governmental organizations. This inclusive approach seeks to gather diverse perspectives and expertise, enriching the foundation of the new strategy.

Looking ahead, a series of events, including workshops, expert missions, and online consultations, are poised to take place in North Macedonia. This multifaceted approach aims to facilitate participation from a wide spectrum of stakeholders, ensuring a holistic and well-informed strategy. The Agency in North Macedonia extends a cordial invitation to all stakeholders, including representatives from the public and private sectors, data controllers, processors, non-governmental organizations, and concerned citizens.

For further details and updates, interested parties can find more information here.

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