National Security Strategy of Moldova

The National Security Strategy of Moldova as a draft document was recently presented by the President of the Republic of Moldova for approval to the Parliament, under the terms of art. 73 of the Constitution, art. 47 of the Parliament Regulation, approved by Law no. 747/1996, art. 25 para. (2), lit. al) and b) from Law no. 345/2003 regarding national defense, as a result of the consultation with the interested parties.

President Maia Sandu says that there are threats to the security of the Republic of Moldova, due to the war on the border, but also the situation in Israel. MAIA SANDU, President of the Republic of Moldova: The first course of action is to increase investments and strengthen the defense and security sector. The Republic of Moldova needs a modern army, equipped, well trained and capable of operating together with external partners. Neutrality does not mean standing passive and helpless. On the contrary, it forces us to build defense capability, to develop a high-performing military that citizens can rely on and be proud of.

Additionally, the strategy aims to address key objectives such as resolving the Transnistrian conflict, forging security partnerships, intensifying the anti-corruption efforts, and reinforcing law enforcement institutions. It also commits to contributing to regional and global security.

Among other relevant areas of intervention the Strategy has information security and cyber as two focuses areas.

Information Security: The focus is on establishing and reinforcing institutions equipped to combat disinformation.

On Cyber, a list of needed activities were published:

  • Creation of a competent national institution in the field of cyber security.
  • Development of forms of public-private cooperation to ensure security cybernetic.
  • Modernization of the IT technical base of public institutions.
  • Development of critical infrastructure cyber defense plans.
  • Organizing the massive cyber hygiene education program among civil servants, students and pupils.
  • Organization of national and international cyber defense exercises.
  • Deepening cyber dialogue and cooperation with the Union European.
  • Participation and/or alignment with EU rules in the field of regulation transformative technologies.

In line with the Strategy Moldova launched discussions regarding the creation and operationalization of the Center for Strategic Communication and Combating Disinformation.

The Center’s mission is to strengthen and improve efforts inter-institutional in the fight against disinformation, manipulation of information and coordinated actions to spread messages, narratives, communications, regardless of their origin, that present danger or may jeopardize the achievement of national interests.

The center shall carry out its activity in order to promote the national interests, including peacekeeping, democratic consolidation, social cohesion, accession to the European Union.

Recently, the Parliament approved the Director of the newly created entity, on October 19, Ana Revenco, the ex-Ministry of Internal Affairs. More details: here.

The Draft National Security Strategy can be read here –

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