Author: Matei-Eugen Vasile

Romanian MEPs you’ve got mail! Over 100 postcards saying no to link tax and Internet censorship

FotoJetIn the last month, more and more Romanian voice are gathering to send out a clear message to decision makers: We don’t want link taxes and upload filters!

Besides calling and sending letters to Romanian MEPs to delete Articles 11&13 from the copyright reform proposal, EDRi member ApTI organised a series of activities to trigger more public attention regarding the damaging copyright reform proposals. Along with 57 other civil rights organizations, we also signed the Civil Liberties Union for Europe open letter to stop the censorship machine. (more…)

EU Copyright Reform Directive debate with MEP Victor Negrescu

Friday, June 23rd, ApTI along with ANBPR (The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries of Romania) and CJI (The Center for Independent Journalism) organized a meeting about the European Commission’s Directive proposal on the copyright reform Directive. Romanian MEP Victor Negrescu took part in the event.

This came in the context of the Europe-wide effort to mitigate the damage that the EU Copyright Directive threatens to inflict on human rights and on the Internet in the EU. The biggest two problems are Article 11, which would introduce an ancillary right for press publishers, a.k.a. “the link tax” and Article 13, which would mandate all EU-based online platforms that allow user-made content to implement upload filters, under the guise of protecting copyrights. (more…)

Declaration on Development and Enhancement of Legal Frameworks in Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia to Protect Internet Freedom

  • WHEREAS, we are civil society organizations in Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia working for fostering of the freedom of expression, association and flow of information on the Internet
  • WHEREAS, the signatories met in Ohrid (October 2016) and Brussels (March 2017) and discussed common issues on Internet Freedom
  • WHEREAS, we share a common objective for a global Internet Freedom, based on our experiences of defending it in our countries;
  • WHEREAS we share common understanding that regional cooperation is essential to achieving this objective.