Internet in Armenia: Partly Free


Armenia’s internet freedom score dropped by two points. This shift was enough for Armenia, according to Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net 2017 report, to move from the list of countries with free internet to the list of countries with partly free internet. (more…)


6.5 Out of 10 Are Internet Users in Armenia


As of December 2016, 64.2% of the population in Armenia uses the internet. According to the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies, in 2016, as compared to 2015, the number of internet users grew almost by 10%. In 2015, 55.29% of the population was using the internet. The most recent data on communications and technologies on the ministry’s website are from December 2016. (more…)

Media Literacy is Integral Element of Freedom of Expression: The Case of Macedonia

Media literacy is an essential life skill required to navigate the complexities of modern life, in particular in regard to fulfilling various other citizen rights, such as the right to vote. Having opportunities to increase one’s media literacy is integral part of freedom of expression, as prerequisite of realizing this human right both in the sense of generating and publishing contents, as well as the complementary right to receive information which is truthful and relevant.

Draft laws on Internet Regulation in Moldova: Opinions of the Experts and Specialists

Recently in Moldova have been drafted several legislative initiatives for regulating the information space. According to the experts and specialists, they contain a number of serious flaws and need to be improved taking into account the best international practices and standards. In July, Information Policy Institute in cooperation with international partners has organised a platform for debates on the latest draft laws on Internet regulation in Moldova.