The Internet Freedom Platform of Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia is established by civil society organizations in these regions, that work on fostering of the freedom of expression, association and flow of information on internet.

We share a common objective for a global Internet Freedom, based on our experience of defending in our respective countries and we share a common understanding that the regional cooperation is essential to achieving this objective.

We support human rights online, stressing that the rights to freedom of expression and privacy are fundamental human rights and together with the right to free flow of information are essential in the pursuit of truth, justice, equality and accountability.

On May 5th, the Internet Freedom Platform signed a Declaration on Development and Enhancement of Legal Frameworks of Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia to Protect Internet Freedom.

Signatories of the Declaration are the following organizations:

We invite other civil society organizations of the above regions, who are also working for internet freedom, to support this Declaration by signing it and by accepting the goals and aims stated there. To do so, please contact us and you will be guided through the process.

Additional signatories:

  1. CReDO – Resource Center for Human Rights
  2. The Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Romania – the Helsinki Committee (APADOR-CH)
  3. CSO from Russia
  4. The Influencer Platform – Ukraine

Last Update May 09, 2018